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Over the past 20 years we have had thousands of happy, satisfied customers, Mums and Dads, schools, corporate events and TV companies, booking us time and time again. Most of our childrens shows are repeat bookings and highly recommended referrals. Having our own children we fully understand and appreciate the power of the playground and that a referral is the best form of knowing the best childrens entertainers around!!!

Many head teachers and even professors ask, have we ever trained as teachers? No, but it has taken us over 20 years to get to our high standards, which can clearly be seen by our superb showmanship, impeccable timing, improvisation skills and captivating performance. Ensuring that everyone who sees one of our performances are kept captivated and entertained.

From an early age both of us had a flare as huge showoff's!! At any given opportunity we would put on a show for family and friends and anyone who showed interest! This progressed into years of amateur dramatics, school performances, Dance, Music and Acting lessons. All this as well as a great ability to make people laugh and astonish people with sleight of hand magic.

  • Both Qualified in Paediatric First Aid
  • Both Fully CRB Approved
  • Full Public Liability
  • Both Equity Members
  • Member of the world famous Magic Circle

Both Graduated in Musical Theatre, Performing Arts and Clowning at De Montfort University and The London Studio Centre. In our early years we then spent several seasons perfecting our craft with Pontin's, Butlin's, Warners and Haven as well as Thomson Holidays.

Cirque du Soleil

Charlie Farley ( Lee Thompson ) is the UK's only clown Pickpocket to be Head Hunted and hired to be a headline act by Canada's world-famous Cirque du Soleil.

With 22 shows around the world, it has become an international sensation. Getting into a Cirque du Soleil production is no small feat. Thousands try out every year hoping they will make the cut – but only a select few ever do. Charlie Farley is one of those selected few head hunted and hired to be a headline act performing over 900 shows for Cirque du Soleil's North American Tour to 2.8 million audience members.

Responsive to Childrens' Needs

No other family entertainer in the UK has been good enough to be head hunted by Cirque du Soleil, everyone want's the very best.

Due to many years of training and experience we are always aware, and react quickly and positively to how the children are on the day of your event. This ensure's they are all fully engaged and having fun.

Many entertainer's are part time, not full time professionals, and have a set show that they do and just simply plough through to the end, even if the children are not interested.

We do things differently! We will vary our childrens shows each time in reaction with engagement and interest of the audience, change tricks and routines to suit, as each audience is unique.

Rags was hired for three consecutive years by Chorian, the owners of Enid Blyton's classic Noddy. As the MC and show host with Charlie Farley on the UK'S Noddy Roadshow, we easily entertained over 300,000 family audiences members per year.

Rags is currently number one resident entertainer at Cadbury World, UK.

We love what we do with a passion (Which shows in our performances) and are only happy when providing the greatest entertainment available. Simply put, being the best and delivering the best is the only option for us.

Our prices are extremely competitive. We offer fantastic high standard entertainment packages, and have lectured at the world famous Magic Circle plus we often lecture at Magic Societies in the UK and Internationally, teaching other entertainers our craft and teaching "them" how to perform.

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